Friday, October 3, 2008

My Favorite Place

Where do you go for peace and quite? The place that you feel most comfortable in?

For me (besides being in the company of my wife) it is my shaping room. It has no windows, was built as soundproof as I could get it at the time, the AC can get it down into the 60's if need be. It has gone from having a radio, to a radio/tape player to a walkman to a portable CD player to a multi changer CD player and finally I can't imagine anything better than it being wired to play my IPOD.

Cool air, cool tunes and cut off from the outside world. My kind of place!

Add to that an activity that has brought me untold pleasures for over 30 years, the shaping of a wave riding implement for current and future friends.

Easily I have found my favorite place!