Saturday, July 19, 2008

George called me ........again

I enjoy talking to customers about their future boards. Their excited anticipation is what stoke is all about. Sometimes its stoke mixed with a serious concern. Like an expecting father fearing his offspring may show up with a serious flaw. Will it paddle me well, turn good, look nice, etc.

No one has ever called me as many times about a single board than George. I haven't asked him, but I think that it is safe to say that the eight footer headed his way is his first ever custom order.

I'm pretty sure that he paces around in his waiting room for awhile before he can no longer resist (speed) dialing my number. I smile when I see that its him because George has always entertained me in one way or another. (his friends are obviously finding entertainment in whispering things in his ear). Each time I listen to his concern then explain to him the hydrodynamic concept or production process that will temper his uneasiness.

From the info that I was able to collect about his surfing level, I'm pretty sure that I shaped him something that will make his go outs more enjoyable. And that's the bottom line.

Speaking of bottom lines, my number one concern about any board that I make, is that the customer does in fact enjoy their surfing more. If they don't, I want the board back! That's the least I can do when someone invests a few hundred dollars in a board. So relax - no lose money brah.

The joy for me is when I get that first post surf call. The one filled with amped up excitement and gratitude. The one out of the dozen that will be music to my ears.

Check back here in about a week.
I'm hoping George calls me............ again.