Saturday, October 10, 2009

The biggest smile

Planning a custom surfboard is for me a fun although very important activity. Ideally you get a chance to watch your custom(er) actually ride some waves. But still a lot can be learned with an interview. As I ask certain questions, pictures of surfboards appear in my head. As more questions are answered the pictures change in sort of a mental slide show. I like to know what they presently ride and what about their current board or boards they like and dislike. Where they most frequently surf, what size surf, how long have they been surfing. Why are they getting a new board? What they are trying to accomplish when they surf and their favorite maneuver. Certainly important is their condition. Are they in good shape? How much do they weigh? Even the size of their feet can be of help. The more info, the better. Eventually, my mental slide show stops on a particular picture and becomes my target. As I sculpt the foam to look like that picture a video begins to play in my head. I see my customer surfing their upcoming board and he or she stands out from the crowd, the best one out there...............
When it comes to smiling.